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Disposable paper cup

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Disposable containers have found a special place in today’s modern world. In the past, disposable plastic containers were the most used, and gradually, as the harm of these containers on human health and the environment became clear, these containers were replaced by disposable paper containers.

Among paper containers, paper cups are the most widely used in terms of usage

Paper cup material

The paper that is used to produce paper cups is a special type of paper with a different grammage and a polyethylene cover. This type of paper is resistant to heat and hot liquids. Also, the polyethylene coating of the paper cup minimizes the penetration of liquids to the outer surface of the cup and the chemical effect on the liquid inside the cup, and speeds up the recycling process of the paper cup in nature.

All kinds of paper cups

The type of paper used in the paper cup is such that any design and text can be easily printed on it. Therefore, the paper cup can be general or specific depending on its use.

  • Promotional or exclusive paper cup on which the promotional design of the organization, organization, company or even a person is printed according to the order.
  • A paper cup for general use that does not have a custom design or text printed on it
  • The use of paper cups

As mentioned earlier, paper cups can be used with special or simple advertising designs in restaurants, fast foods, religious groups, hospitals, public and private offices and organizations, companies, as well as normal use in homes. put to use

Advantages of paper cups

  • Resistant to the penetration of liquids into the inner lining of the paper cup
  • Resistant to heat and heat caused by hot liquid inside the paper cup
  • Recyclability and rapid degradability of paper cups in nature
  • The ability to print all kinds of advertising and public designs on paper cups
  • Its reasonable and cheap price compared to disposable vegetable dishes

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