Internal benefits of environmentally friendly business

In general, the benefits of environmentally friendly businesses are divided into two categories: external and internal benefits.

External benefits of environmentally friendly business

public relations
When a business uses energy-efficient light bulbs, heating and cooling systems, or recycled materials, less waste is produced. As a result, the company creates a positive public image in its community, industry and customers. You can also introduce your company as an environmentally friendly company that uses environmentally friendly products. Among the environmentally friendly products, we can mention plant-based disposable containers.

Packaging that cannot be broken down takes up a lot of space in landfills. Businesses that are related to the production and packaging of products can use biodegradable packaging. These types of businesses can use this type of packaging in their advertising programs and attract new customers to their products and services.
popular response
Economic studies have shown that green companies experience a significant increase in profits by using green technology or selling environmentally friendly products. Companies such as Walmart and Target have arranged methods such as changing transportation routes to save gas consumption, reducing packaging, and using more environmentally friendly products on their shelves. Not only did their customers react positively to these changes, but the sale of green products alone experienced a 20% increase in 2010.

Internal benefits of environmentally friendly business

Reducing production and operational costs
In addition to increasing sales, green methods can help reduce operating costs, production and increase profit margins.
Reducing energy consumption costs
By reducing energy consumption, existing energy costs are also reduced. As reported by, chemical manufacturer DuPont saved more than $3 billion over two decades by reducing carbon emissions. Small businesses can also reduce their existing energy costs by taking simple steps like turning off lights and extra computers.
Reducing printing costs
Printing less reduces paper consumption and can reduce the budget for printing materials. Refilling ink cartridges instead of throwing them away is another way to save money. Also, this method reduces waste caused by plastic cartridges.
Reduce fuel costs
The use of hybrid vehicles for transportation in companies can reduce the costs of moving employees.
Environmentally conscious employers use green practices to make their work environment more attractive. این فرصت مناسبی برای آنهاست تا بر جنبش های زیست محیطی تاثیر مثبتی بگذارند. According to the Green Office report, 96% of employers claim that their company’s sustainable development programs have improved relations with their employees. هم چنین، شرکت های سبز برای کارجویانی که به دنبال سازمان هایی با فرهنگ مثبت هستند، جذاب تر است.
Healthy work environment
According to the website of the Green Business Company, the number of sick days of employees of companies with a healthy work environment is 20% less than other companies. A healthy work environment can be an environment that uses environmentally friendly products. Buying vegetable containers and using disposable vegetable containers can be an option for using these products.
consumer demand
According to the report of the green business website, with increasing awareness of environmental issues and problems, consumers are demanding greener products and services. Consumers who are aware of environmental issues, when buying the products they need, examine the labels and packaging used. Due to this growing awareness, the market share of green products is expanding in various ways.

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