Investigating the reduction of plastic consumption in the past years

Let’s say “no” to plastics in 2017

The significant and obvious trend to achieve this goal is to reduce the consumption of plastics, especially plastic containers. These days, we hear a lot about the use of plastic, its countless uses and its harmful consequences in the news. Many efforts have been made at different times to reduce the use of plastics in frozen food packaging and other packaging. In fact, as a part of waste reduction programs, Iran is trying to reduce the use of plastic waste as much as possible.

Green business and packaging and nutrition trends

Here are some recent trends in green business, packaging and nutrition.

Green business

Environmentally friendly packaging

More and more businesses related to eco-friendly packaging are expanding, such as the production of plant-based disposable containers. Such containers, which can be used multiple times, are easily disposed of in nature. According to reports, global sales of disposable vegetable containers will grow by 20-45% per year. While this amount is usually 20-45% or more in developed industries, the purchase of vegetable containers will be significantly higher than the above rate. For details of the above report, you can refer to the following address:

plastic recycling

According to the latest statistics in 2016, the amount of plastic production is estimated at 335 million tons, while only 10% of the produced plastics are recycled. Therefore, recycling plastics has become a global business. This is despite the fact that in our country, the plastic industry is considered the second industry in the country, and its recycling requires relatively less capital. In this regard, numerous innovations and advances in the field of plastic recycling have reduced the amount of landfills and oceans.


More businesses have emerged in the field of setting up offices that consume less energy or provide their energy needs from natural sources.

Packaging process

Reducing food and product waste

Proper packaging is one of the important ways to reduce food production waste. Every day, consumers are becoming more aware of their role in waste production. Therefore, brands are expected to be more careful about the packaging of their products that is compatible with the environment.

Enhance e-commerce experience

Consumers expect more from their popular brands. They prefer clear, clean, simple packaging. Therefore, manufacturers are always looking for tips and tricks to make their packaging attractive to their customers.

Feeding process

Click and receive method

This method will be used for customers and consumers in 2017 and they will mostly adapt to the technology available in the market. Companies like snapp food may change and update their applications for better service.


Technology can never replace the best salespeople. In addition to updating applications, investing in the well-being, happiness and training of sales teams will remain a top priority.

The promise of loyalty

Goodness in fulfilling promises is always an important factor that makes it stand on top of all competitors in the age of social media. As in other aspects of business, companies should update themselves, they should be very precise and on time in their promises to customers.

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