Solutions to protect the environment in the new year

Solutions to protect the environment in the new year

There is no hesitation in repeating for what is in the best interests of all. This green decision, which is very easy to implement, will take us away from wrong habits, which are not compatible with the environment.

Let’s think about green New Year to protect the environment

Remember that big things often start with small steps. Try to be a person who does not introduce harmful waste into your environment and support the resolution to ban the entry of plastic waste into the oceans, which was signed by the member countries of the United Nations. In this article, some activities that will help you implement this decision are presented. These activities will help you save more money and reduce your carbon footprint and household waste.

1. Everyday use of recyclable products

Drink coffee or tea in your own cups and avoid drinking in paper or plastic cups that harm your health and are very harmful to the environment.

        • Always use cloth wipes that can be washed and reused for cleaning at home.
        • Plant the plant seeds in containers such as yogurt containers and similar containers and plant them in the ground when they grow enough.
        • To collect garbage, you can use plastic bags that are stored in the trash can for various reasons.
        • Avoid buying products that you think have too much packaging.
        • Using cheaper and less dangerous organic detergents such as white vinegar, baking soda and lemon extract (which is a good cleaner for grease stains) is one of the ways to protect the environment.
        • Use products such as recyclable shopping bags in your car or handbag. By not using one plastic bag per week, every Iranian family can avoid using more than 800 million plastic bags per year.
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