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Production of recycled plastic with strange molecules


Researchers have succeeded in producing a type of recycled plastic whose molecular bonds can be easily broken and these molecules can be linked together in new ways.

Berkeley University researchers have produced this plastic with the aim of preventing the increase in plastic waste in the world and finding a way to reduce environmental pollution.

The molecules of this recycled plastic can be used to produce new materials that will have various applications and this process can be repeated many times. The new plastic, called dictoanamine or PDK, is made up of different monomeric molecular blocks that are simply linked together or separated.

By placing this plastic in acid, it is possible to loosen its bonds and reduce the resistance of monomers. Finally, the decomposed monomers can be used to produce other materials. This plastic, which is currently in the experimental stage, can be made into different colors.

It is expected that this invention will create a transformation in the world of plastic and increase the use of this material in various industrial and professional fields.

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